MSI CX640-021 is a versatile new laptop platform Intel in Huron River that appears less than 650 euros. Format 15.6 inches, it offers a stunning self-announced, Sandy Bridge processor i5, technology Optimus associated with a Nvidia graphics card and the latest generation of USB 3.0.

It also benefits from technology Light Sensor which adjusts the backlight of the screen according to ambient light, the Time Stamp to a backup and easy recovery of data, Eco engine to choose from 5 preset modes the more responsive and Fast Boot to boot up 2 times faster than conventional laptops.

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This effect operates in both the dedicated graphics card Geforce GT 520M and the graphics Intel GMA 3000 HD integrated processor, running the greatest possible emphasis on the latter if it believes it delivers enough performance to satisfy tasks performed by the user. But Optimus judge the contrary, it begins to contribute the Geforce GT 520M which consumes more energy and provides better performance, to go back again on the Intel GMA 3000 HD as soon as possible.

If both parties are capable graphics properly read HD video, the Geforce GT 520M can play a greater number of titles. However since there is a entry-level GPU, only games resource-efficient 3D may be supported.