At the Africa Regional Forum in Nairobi, Samsung unveiled a Netbook powered by solar energy, the Samsung NC215S.

Little information has filtered through to the moment the Samsung Netbook NC215S but we still know that the purpose of this computer and its main asset is the ability to operate in an environment where electricity is unavailable or intermittent.

This Netbook that works with solar energy is part of the strategy for the Korean company that aims to dominate the African market of consumer electronics, solar power is an essential element to achieve this.

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Moreover according Rhee In-yong, vice president at Samsung, the development in the field of solar batteries will continue to brand that's doing for 2 years.

In Africa, many areas have little or no access to electricity and fact based devices in this way are unlikely to penetrate the market, especially as the incomes are low. But thanks to Samsung NC215S, electricity is not as necessary as it allows solar energy to operate Netbook, a free resource and generally abundant in Africa.