Samsung releases in the hexagon a new computer-oriented multimedia features versatile slab 3D Full HD and a Core i7 Sandy Bridge for less than 1500 euros, the Samsung RF712-E7P-3D.17.3 inch format, it is equipped with 6 GB of RAM, two hard drives fast good capacity, USB 3.0, a graphics card AMD new generation and a Blu-Ray.

He positioned it as one of the few to be equipped with a 3D slab which reinforces the immersion in the media (games, movies) once on 3D glasses on and put in place on the nose.The 3D effect is present in the media in native 3D, and more or less on 2D media undergoing conversion to 3D.

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The display also has Full HD resolution and a 16:9 format, which is ideal for enjoying High Definition directly onto the PC and play Blu-Ray, HD media that the optical unit is able to support.

If movies and HD movies in general go well in 3D, it will not be the same next game. Because once activated, means that the 3D graphics card to perform more processing in games.Started one game in 2D mode will therefore more fps in 3D mode. So if you want to keep a good resolution and a correct level of detail, only few titles will go hungry 3D.