The new 13.3-inch ultraportable Asus U30SD-RX037X appears in France to less than 840 euros in the Intel platform Huron River with a Nvidia graphics card latest generation technology coupled with Optimus, Sandy Bridge processor i5, good storage space A matte panel and a self-announced 10 hours.

It displays a light weight below 2.0 kg with 6 cell battery but goes to 2.2 Kg with 8-cell battery that came with. Some will spend their way but then the weight is relatively reasonable given that a dedicated graphics card and optical drive are embedded. Moreover, critics are sure to be issued in this regard, many believed that the presence of an optical drive is more dispensable, especially on models less than 14/15 inches.

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In addition, it offers a nice self-announced 10 hours made possible by the presence of technology that favors Nvidia Optimus maximum running on Intel GMA 3000 HD integrated into Sandy Bridge processor because it is less energy intensive than dedicated graphics card and therefore causes greater autonomy.

However if Optimus judge the performances of the Intel GMA 3000 HD insufficient to meet at some point the tasks performed by the user, automatic failover occurs on the Geforce GT 520M.*This is particularly the case in games where the dedicated GPU is able to run games too resource intensive 3D so that it can just as Intel's GMA 3000 HD to play HD videos without worry.