Currently, the platform is Intel Netbook Pine Trail, which runs on 45nm processor Pineview. In the 4th quarter, the chipmaker will launch their replacement Cedar Trail and Cedarview based architecture allowing Saltwell etching 32nm.

As we have seen a few days ago, Intel is already working on his innovations in this field for years to come. 2013 will thus see the arrival of Atom Silvermont architecture: an engraving in 22nm technology and Tri-Gate transistors 3D will be participating to provide more performance while offering low power consumption and thus better autonomy.

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During his lecture Investor Meeting, Intel unveiled its roadmap that already shows Silvermont's successor. Dubbed Airmont, the new architecture of Atom processors will go further in the small benefit because of an engraving in 14NM. We imagine that once again, the Tri-Gate 3D technology should be employed.