Thinking of laptops to anyone who comes to mind the ability to operate freely, carrying out their work in a lake or beach in summer.The idea of the notebook is in fact precisely this even though we often must face problems more or less obligations, such as poor battery life or performance is not excellent.Several attempts have been made to bring technology to these levels, but often the expectations were very disappointed by the manufacturers.

Acer now thinking of the true essence of "nomadic" laptop has launched a product that has within itself all the basic features of the excellent.TheTravelmate TimeLineis the name of this new laptop, combines cutting-edge performance with exceptionalbattery that has more than eight hours of battery life,a miracle if we think that autonomy in this area does not exceed two hours.

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As mentioned previously, the strength of the timeline is not just the battery, but also in the technical specifications of the hardware which is equipped.The calculation speed the processor will ensure an exceptionalIntel Centrino Duo 1.4 Ghz,which is supported by an advanced RAM, a formby 3 GB DDR3 a1066Mhz,will make computer use a refreshing experience hassle-free processing time of the Bible.

The computer as we all know is not just for work but also to play games, watch movies and listen to music.All this is possible thanks to the performance of 3D graphics processor andIntel GMA 4500MHD,which is certainly not the top performances, but certainly in the mobile part in a range of acceptable performance, unless you want to use video-games latest generation.