Draw near to the technicalcharacteristics of the product from the screen, saying that thisseries of Toshiba products get amonitorwith18.5-inchtype LCDFull HDTruBrite technology,reaches its maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080pixels, we can immediately understand that a point of view ofmultimedia at the moment we have the best, you can not ask for more.

Continuing, we see what they havedecided to install inside.There is a video card all respect, thatwill allow us to play any video games of last generation thatrequires advanced technology and a good computing power, wespeakofand the model isNVIDIA: GeForce 9600M GT with 512 MB ​​ofdedicated memory wellType GDDR2, we could not ask for more.

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Regarding the other features thatappear to be central to achieving optimal performance, Toshiba hasdecided to include: acentral processortype Intel Core 2 Duo T9550witha clock speed of2.66 GHz,with asecond-level cache of well- 6 MB,RAMtypeDDR2 SDRAMis inserted with a capacity of4 GBexpandable to 8 GBobviously the operating system must support this amount of memory asmass storage to store our data, Toshiba has not given maximum as onemight expect, but there has not even left disappointed, in fact,puttwo hard drives of 320 GBSATA each type and arotation speed of5400 RPM.