Aesthetically, the D6500 is like as twopeas in D7000. It differs only by a black hull (or white) a littlewider. It goes from 15 mm (5 mm + 10 mm transparent border) to 20 mm(10 mm + 10 mm transparent border) is subtle. The D6500 really standsout from his big brother by his feet. Instead of a cross support, ithas a more conventional rectangular base.The set is simple and wellfinished.
On the side and back, the feeling of deja-vu isgrowing. We find a thickness of 3 cm with a similar connection: 4HDMI, 2 USB ports, an Ethernet jack, Wi-Fi, an optical audio output,one VGA, composite, and YUV.

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The triple-tuner HD satelliteand cable support each function PVR (recording TV) and TimeShift(direct control).

On the services side connected, everythingis there. Internet portal and @ TV Apps Samsung offers a huge numberof possibilities. And of course, do not forget the standard HbbTV.This feature offers interactivity with television channels.