The aesthetic of 'N510 is definitelynot the strong point, the Korean manufacturer has not taken intoaccount particularly the definition ofthe details, the design isfairly simple, hard to find especially attractive.The angular formsalthough not of great impact to the eye, with the right veil ofelegance.No choice in color, usually available and elegant matteblack.

The display is as mentioned11.6-inchWXGA display,with glossy panel and a native resolution of1366 x 768pixels,diagonal best to ensure a good compromise between compactnessand video resolution.Nestled in the frame of the monitor by the nowfamiliar VGA webcam.

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As for the hardware 'will feature thewell-knownN510 Intel Atom N280 processorthat operates at a frequencyof1.66 GHz,512 KB L2 cache and a FSB of 667 MHz'the amount of 1 GBram memory,enough to run discreetly on your operating system (WindowsXP).The hard drive is present from 160 GB running at 5400 rpm.

The most interesting novelty introducedby the new Samsung N510 notebook is definitely the graphicschipsetNVIDIAIon, the new low cost platform that integrates theAmerican colossusGeForce 9400M Ggraphics chip, capable of supportinga maximum resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels , well beyond therequirements of the FullHD.Also present in theaudioprocessorplatformformulti-channel S / PDIF7.1.