Product design is very stylish with itssmooth lines, its very thin and rounded edges make this uniquenotebook both at home and Toshiba, is among other popular brands ofnotebooks.

Let's start off with exactly thefeatures and WXGA screen, a widescreen LCD with LED backlight, thedimensions are of 12.1-inch transflective, making it ideal for anylighting condition, its resolution is 1280 x 800 pixels,brightnessand brightness of images allow you to catch every single detail whenwe look at some movies oq movie.

Regarding the most important componentsof the notebook we have an Intel Core 2 Duo type with a clock speedof 1.33 GHz, FSB with a frequency of 533 MHz and a second-level cacheof 2 MB, as regards RAM, 2 GB of RAMare DDR2 667MHz; as a mass memorycontaining the notebook hard drive 160 GB SATA with speeds of 5400RPM.

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Let the connectivity of the product,saying that the notebook contains the following components: a LANcard that allows us to connect to the Internet via cable, Wi-Fi cardto stay connected without a wire in any part of the house covered bythe ADSL signal, the Bluetooth device that allows us for example toconnect the phone to the computer without any wires and can transferfiles with no problems.

As optical drive, have inserted a DVDUltra Slim, it is the world's thinnest reaching only 7 mm thick, withthe following features: DVD R DL / DVD RW / CD-RW at 8x.Finally, we analyze the number of interfaces on the product: VGA-typevideo output, 3 USB type 2.0, FireWire port, microphone input,headphone output, fingerprintreader to secure our data fromunauthorized access, microphone, keyboard Spill Resistant TechnologyStandard.