The subsequent launch of SamsungGege has not only give you theopportunity to make improvements on the design and the hardware.TheGalaxy Tab 10.1 will start next month with the new Android version3.1 and also updated Honeycomb and come out for the Tablet customTouchWiz interface.

The Motorola Xoom is however still below the honeycomb previousversion 3.0.1 - as the already long sold at Vodafone Samsung GalaxyTab 10.1v , which basically, which is originally proposed by Samsung10.1-inch tablet. When used to make the noticeable jerkiness to theXoom are more common in the operation than in the Galaxy Tab 10.1.The current version of Android 3.2 will be available as a honeycombupate for both Motorola and Samsung for the tablet, only the datesfor the release of the update has not been determined.

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With the TouchWiz UI coming to theGalaxy Tab 10.1 Samsung's own applications as well as the live panel,mini-bar apps and the hubs for music, e-books, social networks, andlater also for games. On the Motorola Xoom users see the defaultinterface of Android Honeycomb.