HP continues to expand its range ofmid-range laptop with a new version of its Pavilion dv6, a 15.6-inchmodel equipped with a fairly muscular configuration while maintaininga competitive price.

The Pavilion dv6-6172 is a mid-rangelaptop with a configuration suitable for most users. Its Quad Coreprocessor enables it to be comfortable in any situation, includingintensive use multitasking. The Core i7-2630QM and express its fullpotential in video editing or with software like Photoshop,Lightroom.

The hard drive offers a storagecapacity more comfortable with 750 GB of disk space but merely arotation speed of 5400 rev / min so that HP includes some of itsmodels, including entry-level, of 7200 rev / min. It is thereforeunfortunate not to find this feature on the Pavilion dv6, even just astorage space a bit more modest.

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The graphics card AMD Radeon HD6770Malso shows quite high performance. Most of the games market(including recent titles) can therefore operate smoothly on thislaptop. And this, especially since the 15.6-inch slab is satisfiedwith a standard definition of 1366 x 768 pixels.

Finally, note the presence of an audiosystem "Beats" which delivers superior sound quality thangenerally available on laptops. The design of the new Pavilion isalso quite successful and gives a certain elegance HP notebook.