Asus N55SF landed in the hexagon in a version less than 900 euros inthe Huron River Platform Intel, Asus N55SF-S1050V. This model hasan Nvidia graphics card technology associated with Optimus, a Blu-Ray, aFull HD screen, good storage space, USB 3.0 or a processor SandyBridge Core i7.

Technologies and Spendid Video Magicimproves the rendering of images and video as technology + USBCharger can charge a small device quickly via USB ports. Asus alsoinforms us that this laptop can remain in standby for 15 days and outof sleep in just 2 seconds.

The optical drive can operate includingthe full HD as it can play Blu-Ray, HD media that we can directlytake on the PC or on an external display Full HD via HDMI forexample.

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The connector also includes a mini-VGA,audio ports, a Wi-Fi module and n 4 with USB 2 USB 3.0 for filetransfers much faster than USB 2.0. Most users should be satisfied atthis level but also in terms of storage space, hard disk with acapacity of 750 GB, however, some may regret that it is not moreswift to improve responsiveness.

Nevertheless, this notebook willsatisfy the vast majority of users in overall performance andresponsiveness. There are indeed 4 GB of RAM and a Core i7-2630QMSandy Bridge, which delivers strong torque performance in this areaand provides for accelerated multimedia software in exploiting thefour processor cores such as Adobe Photoshop for photo and Premierefor video.