Asus launches in France the high end of its series G74SX format witha 17.3 inch model with a slab 3D Full HD mate, the Asus G74SX-91020V.Huron River in Intel platform, it also benefits from a large amountof RAM and disk space with units fast processor Quad Core SandyBridge, a Blu-Ray, USB 3.0, of some 2.1 audio or Nvidia graphics cardperformance.

It is distinguished mainly by two otherG74SX aspects of his screen. This is a slab that has ananti-reflective coating unlike most of which are brilliant G74SX, andis therefore much less prone to glare and thus more readable inbright environments. It also has 3D Vision Technology that enhancesthe immersion in movies and games for example, if 3D is enabled.

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To take advantage of 3D, it isnecessary to activate this mode and provided with wear glasses.Therelief effect is more or less convincing according to sources. Medianative 3D spend carefree and of course the media are themselvesconverted into 2D 3D on the fly. But beware, the activation of the 3Dmode requires more calculations to the graphics card than the 2Dmode.

Thus while the Geforce GTX 560M canhandle the latest games in a satisfactory manner even the mostresource-intensive, with the latter, it will be necessary to makeconcessions if the 3D is activated when the HD movies 1080p passwithout concern, either in 2D or 3D.