If you are looking for a portable 15.6-inch offering great overallperformance with a matte tile intermediate resolution, the AsusN55SF-S2029V might interest you. Less than 800 euros, it runs onIntel platform Huron River with a processor Core i5 Sandy Bridge, aNvidia graphics card technology associated with Optimus, good storagespace and USB 3.0.

It features Instant On technology thatallows a wake in just 2 seconds and a standby time of 15 days. Thanksto USB 3.0 + load you can quickly reload a small device even if thePC is in standby or off and this via USB 3.0. Splendid Videotechnology and Magic are in charge it to improve the quality ofimages and video.

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It has the particularity to include ascreen with a resolution of 1600 900 so located between thestandard 1366 768 and Full HD (1920 1080). Many users believethat the 1366 768 is too right on the 15.6-inch Full HD and toohigh, causing also a visual fatigue in some people.

A resolution of 1600 x 900 represents agood compromise between visual comfort and quantity of informationdisplayed. And that's not all because the slab also has a mattetreatment much less prone to glare than glossy, especially in lightenvironment where it is more readable. In general, work on a slabmate is less tiring than a glossy. Its format is classic because itis the 16:9 and therefore well suited for video playback.