Move the Samsung NF210 holds A batch of6-cell standard lithium-polymer battery with up to 10.7 hours andmastered so easily a full day's work. This benefit is not enough tooptional high-energy donor is available, Which increases theindependence from the power outlet to up to 14.5. hours With thesmall battery of the mini version weighs only 1350 grams computer.

For new dimensions of performance inthe netbook range provides the Intel Atom N550processor, comes in theSamsung NF210 used. Compared to previous models, the central unit isequipped with two processor cores, from Which a clock is derived from1.5 GHz. For the intermediate storage of important data of the CPUare 2 x 512 KB L2 cache.Factory-installed 1024 MB of RAM, Which canbe doubled up Subsequently For the storage of data is a SATA harddisk with a capacity of 250 GB. An optical drive can be upgradedexternally if required.

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For easy operation, the Samsung NF210on ergonomic keyboard in their full width.Connecting to a hotspot ofThe mini computer is on the fast Wi-Fi 802.11 b / gs / her. So thedate module Transmits wirelessly and technically integrated Bluetooth3.0, using the hardware can be external, such as connecting mouse andkeyboard, or connect to a mobile phone. A webcam that works with aresolution of 0.3 megapixel resolution Ensures that users can easilyparticipate in video calls via the Internet.