MSI CR630 operates on AMD-V Series V120processor, Which presents a clocking of 2.2 GHz. The CPU has only oneprocessor core and offers 512-KB L2 cache only limited possibilitiesfor caching data to speed up the work process. The memory is -Depending on the model -. not 1024 or 2048 MB DDR2 RAM lavish Theincluded operating system Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bitprograms and data must be found on a SATA hard disk with a capacityof 160 or 250 GB of space. The optical drive is located in the MSICR630 a multi-format DVD burner with double layer support.

Graphics For propulsion is in theMSI-CR630 notebooks the shared memory solution, ATI Mobility RadeonHD 4270 batch.As the graphics solution offers no dedicated videomemory, it must make use of the memory of the mobile computer.

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Therefore only run games are verylimited. Contents, the graphics solution used on a 15.6 inch displayis large, Which works up to WXGA resolution at 1366 x 768 pixels. Thescreen is glossy, Which makes for better color representation, butcan result in adverse lighting conditions to annoying reflections. AnLED-backlit curbs the appetite for energy of the display, the signalcan be diverted to via HDMI port in the stationary use on an externalflat-screen TVs.