Samsung NC110 netbook accept hisversion in a less than 300 euros with a Dual Core Atom processorN570, a slab mate and weighing less than 2.0 kg for autonomyannounced more than 10 hours, and this in versions pink, white andblack.

Here, no big surprise to the program,the evolving world of Netbooks little.There are still the mostpowerful Atom mobile, namely the Pineview N570 Dual Core to be alittle more comfortable every day with an Atom Single Core.However,no misunderstanding because it is an Atom Netbook that is destinedfor basic use like surfing, office, photo and video viewing (SD).

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Starter Windows 7 is present, thelimits imposed by Microsoft are reached with 1GB DDR3 and 250 GB ofdisk space.The connector includes her classic VGA, audio ports,Ethernet, Wi-Fi n and Bluetooth 3.0 + with the standard HS.

Weight remains very correct, hisbeautiful autonomy announced more than 10 hours and the screencertainly offers a standard resolution but has the advantage of beingreflective and therefore less prone to glare than glossy, which ismuch appreciated on a mobile machine.