Asus released a new laptop brown size14 inches below the Intel platform Huron River, the AsusX43SA-VX087V. Currently less than 700 euros in sales flash, it has agraphics card AMD last generation, a new Quad Core processor SandyBridge, a large amount of RAM and a nice storage space.

It includes the dedicated graphics cardRadeon HD6730M who can play many games in a satisfactory manner, withthe necessary concessions, however, under the headings of the mostdemanding 3D resources. Of course, HD video playback is smooth,taking a screen 16:9 format suitable for this purpose with adefinition of 1366 768 and treatment polished so standard.

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Standard, however, is not the heart ofthe PC consists of a large amount of RAM and 8 GB Sandy Bridgeprocessor Core i7-2670QM couple very well suited toresource-intensive work RAM and CPU as the video editing, 3Drendering and photo editing. The duo also delivers solid overallperformance in all situations or substantially higher than what usersneed in practice to see what can come.

The hard drive on the other hand offersgood storage space of 750GB, while the connection is more classic.The key is indeed present with Wi-Fi, HDMI, audio ports, Ethernet,VGA and three USB 2.0 but no USB 3.0, Bluetooth or e-SATA to theprogram which may be put off by some.