MSI released a new gamer laptop 17.3 inches less than 1120 euros, the MSI GT780-419.Huron River in Intel platform, it features a powerful Nvidia latest generation Sandy Bridge processor Core i5, a good swift hard drive capacity, a good amount of RAM, the USB 3.0 and a Full HD panel mate.

Its main target, it is the players and that's why he joined one of the most powerful mobile GPU of the moment, the Geforce GTX 560M. With it, the games can go under the titles correctly, but the most demanding 3D resource concessions, however, are necessary because of the high definition of the slab.

This notebook has indeed a Full HD screen. But in most games the definition, the higher the number of fps drop. Adjust the display space and / or levels of detail makes it possible to engage in a greater number of securities. The slab of this laptop

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also has the distinction of having a treatment mat that shows much less prone to glare and therefore more readable than a glossy, especially in light environment.

No Blu-Ray in the program, however it is hard to blame him, especially that in view of its configuration are more players who are listed as multimedia enthusiasts. However, a Dynaudio sound system with subwoofer is there to provide superior sound quality than average.

In order to support the GeForce GTX 560M, MSI incorporates this laptop a good trio of Sandy Bridge CPU Core i5-2430M, a large amount of RAM and 8 GB hard drive with good storage capacity of 750 GB which has the distinction of being especially swift and thus improve overall responsiveness as it works to 7200 rev / min against 5400 r / min usually. However, the reactivity is one of the key elements in games.