The chassis of the M3 Acer is composedof metal and plastic, to reduce cost and weight without affectingstrength. Her black dress is sensitive to fingerprints. The set issimple. The connection is a little more substantial than theUltrabooks 13 ", with a third USB port and an Ethernet port. Wealso note the presence of an optical drive.

The chiclet keyboard has buttons widelyspaced and includes a dedicated number pad. Typing requires a smalladjustment period but is comfortable thereafter. The clickabletouchpad can be used without major problems. Its surface is soft tothe touch for promoting sports.

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The brilliant 15.6 "displays adisappointing resolution: 1366 768 pixels, or where more and moremanufacturers incorporate tiles 13" 1600 900 pixels. Thebrightness is correct, but the viewing angles are very disappointing.

Performance is in line with otherUltrabooks, except 3D. The NVIDIA is sufficient to runBattlefield 2and Crysis 3 in level of detail "Ultra" with little jerks.Players drop a little demanding the level of detail for even morefluidity.

Autonomy at full load reached 2 hours30 minutes, a better result than the 9 Series 13.3 "Samsung.