With Easynote TS44-HR-435, Packard Bell offers a versatile laptop15.6 inch white that appears less than 590 euros in the Huron RiverIntel platform with an Intel Core i5 Sandy Bridge, a beautiful spaceand storage a dedicated graphics card Nvidia next generation.

Applying Social Network Packard Bell ispresent to manage and easy access to Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. Itis crystallized in the form of a side panel and starts by pressing adedicated button.

In this area as well as multitasking,it delivers performance capable of satisfying many users thanks toits Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5-2450m and 4 GB of RAM. Thereafter, itis even possible to upgrade this laptop at low cost by adding asecond RAM module on the free slot to be even more comfortable.

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The dedicated graphics card Geforce610M is not a lightning war but can still run gamesresource-efficient 3D. It can also play videos smoothly HD 1080p.

With a capacity of 750 GB hard driveoffers him a good storage space for files of many diverse and variedas well as the installation of multiple software programs.

The screen and connectivity are theones most classic. The result shows a slab of 1366 768 resolution,a 16:9 format that lends itself well to video playback and abrilliant treatment which gives punch to the colors but appearssensitive to glare.

The connector offers itself much withVGA and HDMI video outputs to connect the laptop to a TV or monitor,for example, wireless module Wi-Fi, Ethernet and audio ports andthree USB 2.0. Some regret also no doubt to the lack of USB 3.0.