Acer is no finish unfamiliar person to generating appropriate Ultrabooks. The Wish S5 was an excellent, if defective, item of design. It was amazingly thin but its coming back connection was distressing as well as its key pad was not coming back lit. But what really let it down was its low amazing TN display. Well, these niggles are a subject put to relax for Acer’s new significant extremely practical laptop- the Wish S7.

The S7 comes in two versions, there is the 13.3-inch Desire S7-391, a 1.3kg laptop with a white-colored Gorilla cup lid similar to the HP Spectre as well as the metal-lidded 11.6-inch Acer Desire S7-191 we’re looking at these days which comes in at just 1kg. Both of these top excellent Windows 8 Ultrabooks game amazing styles, Complete HD IPS contact displays, backlit computer keyboard and amazing specifications.

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In contrast to the S5, which was merely good-looking, the S7 is a amazing bit of kit with an noticeable all its own. It activities a exclusive mix of types and squared-off aspects that help it take a position out in the Ultrabook audiences, and the 11-inch style is so thin at 11.9mm that it could well take the ‘slimmest Ultrabook’ top, while its impact suits in an A4 web page. The applied aluminum lid creates a large, strong impact despite its thinness, and activities an eye-catching crosshatch style that again places it apart. It does not choose up finger prints and light scraps might quickly get missing in those collections.

The key pad encompass is also steel as well as seems similarly strong. The laptop’s platform is white-colored nasty but this does not take away much from the look or experience, and allows to keep body weight down to that very awesome 1.04kg stage. All in then, the Desire S7 quickly competitors the best of the relax thanks to its mixture of low body weight, thin collections, excellent experience and fashionable complete. As far as ultra-slim 11-inch notebooks go, the Desire S7 provides a awesome slot choice. On the remaining you will find energy and USB 3.0, the right homes a microSD cards audience, earphone port and second USB 3.0 slot, while the back serves a microHDMI movie outcome.