Lenovo may also gaming. That should at least show the new 15-inch gaming notebook IdeaPad Y580 with the moves in current world leader in a new territory but as always with an acquisition the question arises. Is it possible to assert itself in the new field should be reworked or better again.

Just recently Lenovo secure the title of the world leader in the field of personal computers, replacing HP. This is the culmination of a steep ascent that began when the label was acquired by IBM Thinkpad. In the meantime there are in addition to the classic Think Business Unit, a consumer division which operates under the Idea label such as our test candidate the IdeaPad Y580. Lenovo has created a stir in addition to the acquisition of Medion and an extensive advertising campaign.
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No wonder that in such a complex project no target groups may be out in the cold. Although performance oriented gaming notebooks certainly represent only a fraction of the annual unconverted volumes it is nevertheless regarded as logical that this segment will be filled. Pursued a similar tactic last year Samsung.

Lenovo is here on his first trip to the new frontiers quite reasonable to the gaming issue. As a GeForce GTX 660M graphics processor, which is the smallest GTX offshoot comes from the house NVIDIA used this we have with ASUS G75 or the Schenker XMG A722 Notebook seen. In terms of CPU Lenovo is the current standard in the Ivy Bridge era it is an i7-3610QM used.