Not so long ago we tested went first ultrabook from the company Dell, which has become a model called Dell XPS 13. It offers users a stylish look thanks to an anodized aluminum and carbon fiber and tempered glass that covers the display. All this ensured him a very good stiffness but the limited dimensions of the body was not allowed to place many of the important interface elements.

The way out of the situation is the emergence of a full sized laptop Dell XPS 15 made in the same style as the low end model but who lost the title ultrabook because of the increased size and significantly greater mass. But the laptop was a place not only to set the display with a diagonal of 15.6 " an additional discrete graphics card from NVIDIA and more capacious storage but also for an optical drive a few extra interface connectors and a card reader.

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In the box in addition to the laptop to come to us for testing in a pre production sample we found only the power plug is equipped with a ring indication and a cable to connect to the network. In the production model will also be available to the operating instructions and CD software.

The rest of the changes a bit. The display unit is made from a single piece of anodized silver aluminum. The center is located outside of the mirror manufacturer's logo. Of the same is made of aluminum and fringing the toolbar. The very same working panel is made of durable magnesium alloy with a rubberized soft touch coating that is resistant to scratches. However from the fingerprint the coating does not help.

Very high body rigidity, the laptop is not amenable to any deformation, as a pressure and torsion. Housing is generally very reliable although if desired on the aluminum elements, of course you can also leave scratches and small dents. Build quality is excellent, all very well adjusted to each circle and the backlash at the joints are virtually absent.

The flat bottom of the laptop, most of which is inset with a rubberized soft touch surface, has smooth rounded edges and a mainly made of plastic at least from the outside. The center panel opens the door of anodized aluminum engraved with the name of the ruler XPS and plotted a couple of logos Intel and Windows 7. Hidden underneath two additional screws securing the bottom. At the edges at the front and back sides are oblong air vents through which the intake of fresh air.

Strange but the Dell XPS 15, despite the increased body size is precisely the same keyboard unit as in the Dell XPS 13 which although has a large and comfortable island type keys, but does not have a separate power system keys [Home] , [Page Up], [Page Down] and [End]. They brought to the functionally not very comfortable block arrows.

Otherwise the keyboard is comfortable. The keys have a short and quiet running with a soft touch and the point where you feel good. Application of characters all without exception done in white. The indicator on the [Caps Lock] is integrated right into it. The downside keys can only be described very smooth and Mark surface on which to quickly gather fingerprints.