The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga is not a normal laptop as it can be due to the special display hinges up in unusual positions and serve. Depending on the application it transforms from a notebook into a tablet or in a sort of digital picture frames.

Again such a product which may wonder so many technology fan why has there never been anyone have guessed? In the case of the IdeaPad Yoga 13 states the reason well Windows. Because only the new designed to operate with your finger Microsoft operating system is meaningful for device categories in the style of the test device.

The IdeaPad Yoga can in principle use in four distinct modes. Lenovo speaks of notebook tablet, stand and tent mode. When you open the 13 inch screen you can see the Yoga Arts at his contortions not. This occurs only when the display is more than 180 degrees to seamlessly folded backwards. Is it then the case back to the yoga is in tablet mode.

In tent mode however is the IdeaPad as an inverted "V" on the table, the so-called stand-turn mode the keyboard unit is on the table. Unlike most other convertibles such as the Dell XPS 12 or the Toshiba Satellite U920t seen the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Transformer its qualities even at second glance does not. So good!

At the build quality of the almost 1.5 kilograms tester there are no complaints. And that's remarkable since convertibles in the past have often called attention to himself by complicated techno solutions that often demanded compromise gap dimensions and feel. Unlike the yoga: No tarnish the image conspicuous gaps and the like haptics.

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The good resolution of 1,600 x 900 pixels, resulting in good sharpness even by text. Color shows the yoga display very luminous but not intrusive. The brightness and contrast are slightly above average Ultrabook. But the yoga will also be tablet and there can be pure flat computer like Apples iPad or Google Nexus 10 convince many more. The non reflective display makes it in direct sunlight sometimes difficult to decipher the contents. But also here to help the 360 degree hinges in finding an optimal position for the screen orientation.

Unfortunately the test device only two USB ports and only one of them dominates the fixed USB 3.0 standard. In office use some yoga buyers will not be able to avoid the use of an additional stroke. An HDMI output a memory card reader and a combined headphone or mic input round out the connection page. All interfaces are located on the right and left of the body the back, Lenovo has completely dedicated to the air vents. The on off switch on the front edge of the housing positioned Lenovo.

The display with a diagonal of 13.3 inches with a resolution of 1,600 x 900 pixels. At the top there is a webcam with a resolution of one megapixel. The keyboard keys offer a total of 85 fingers enough room and are slightly inclined to the users. Exceptions are the Return and Backspace keys that turn out smaller than usual. So you can live them in everyday life. The pressure point could be to the liking of net world but be clearer. Under heavy pressure, the keyboard unit noticeably. Unfortunately the buttons are not illuminated for some users a tangible KO criterion.

The touchpad with a diagonal of 12.4 inches is relatively abundant with a matt lacquer, which provides good sliding properties. The touchpad supports common multitouch gestures such as zooming in and out or scrolling using two fingers. Like most currently installed trackpad it has no physical boundary between the left and right mouse button. Only a coated bar buttons separated from each other.

For the tested configuration of net world are 8 to a Windows Experience Index of 4.7. The benchmark tool Cine bench 11.5 OpenGL test is after a value of 12.74 frames per second. After graduating from CPU test are 2.24 points - typical values for a Core i5 configuration. In the battery test of net world reached the IdeaPad Ultrabook typical values. In pure office use the notebook called for a little less than five hours after a power outlet. Who can get it on it, WLAN and Bluetooth enabled and set the screen brightness to the maximum can, but already look well ahead for a power outlet. Lenovo's promised life of up to eight hours could achieve net world in any scenario.