The range of laptops Hewlett-Packard, like many other manufacturers represented by several different series aimed at individual market segments, ranging from high quality and very expensive models Spectre, Envy and EliteBook, mid range model Pavilion, ProBook and Folio and ending series of low cost models of Compaq, Presario and Essential.

In this article we will look at one of the representatives of the series Essential, namely laptop HP Essential 655 the main feature of which is a practical and visually pleasing appearance, devoid of any glossy elements. It is also important to note that this model comes with the operating system SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 which is targeted for organizations to create and work stations.

HP Essential 655 comes in a relatively large and heavy cardboard box painted black. Its design is extremely minimalist and from unmarked there are only a couple of the manufacturer's logo, sticker AMD indicating the use of its components in a laptop and a number of small icons safety. Also on one of the sides there is a sticker with technical information about the supply.

Colors for the laptop through the use of classic color scheme shown in black and gray with bright relatively few smack in bronze tint quite strict. However, due to the abundance of rounded design elements of the case the laptop is not perceived solely strict and field devices. Skin and HP Essential 655 can be described as an intermediate solution between the business models of notebooks and models, designed for the primary consumer. The outer side of the lid, which is located in the center of the white logo of the manufacturer, and podladonnaya area are gray in color. According to them there is a slight thinning of the circuit, which makes the laptop more visually subtle, but contributes to a unique bump on the rest of the area, including around the keyboard unit. The area around the keyboard, base and display bezel are black.

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HP Essential 655 Case is made of high quality and very durable plastic, providing notebook high rigidity and accordingly, and nice protection from minor mechanical effects. The only thing that is worth paying attention to the small deflection of the cover when you click on its central part. The build quality of the laptop is commendable. Elements of the case are well adjusted to each other no scrapie and play.

The bottom of the notebook is flat and has a smooth rounded edges. Here are one small and three large relative ventilation and three removable cover. Two of them provide access to the hard drive memory modules, wireless network adapter and the battery of the motherboard. The third is equipped with spring brakes, in combination is the battery. At the corners of the bottom are four rather large round rubber legs, which, given the considerable weight of the laptop provide excellent grip.

Used for the keyboard unit keys have not often used form of hats they visually resemble keys island keyboard, but no physical separation between them. For this reason, most of the key contact area is 15x15 mm in overall size 18x18 mm. Particularly affected the arrow keys reduced to 15x7, 5 mm and the entire top row of keys which measures 15x9 mm. In addition it is important to note that the function keys [F1] - [F12] are inverted, causing to perform their usual functions you need to use the key.

The basis for the silicone membrane keyboard stands, combined with the scissor mechanisms pressing keys and provides a short and relatively quiet operation with a soft touch and feel good moment of operation. Application symbols are satisfied with but the implementation is very controversial. For each and every character is only white and Latin characters rather large font printed exactly in the center keys leaving little space for the Cyrillic alphabet and the additional symbols.