ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A-DB51 13.3" is a very struck by the second period of time of the Zenbook. The he Full HD IPS panel with great brightness as well as contrast is a same emphasize of the design. There are few notebooks in the marketplace which are as excellent as this Ultrabook as well as they are probably cost greater than the UX31A. The UX31A designs are an costly delight. This design is Ultrabook royals. Customers looking for a system which offers great excellent and comprehensive configuration will not discover a less costly design than the UX31A.

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The UX31A-C4027H is very just like the Ultrabook we examined last season. The most essential update would be the added touchscreen functionality. The innovative version will set the customer returning by certain Dollars. This Zenbook has not modified much. The factors has increased in the CPU department- an i5 3317U or an i7 3517U.

Due to the night identical characteristics of our analyze design to the formerly examined Ultrabook, we will miss the craftsmanship, connection as well as feedback gadgets and dive directly into the display. If you wish to study up on the left out segments, this web link will immediate you to our evaluation of the Non-Touch UX31A. In the next area, we will discover out if the specialized requirements have modified significantly. We will consider the performance of the Core i7 and ADATA XM11 256 GB SSD.

The ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A-DB51 13.3" panel of the UX31A is available in three configurations. TN HD ,IPS FHD as well as IPS FHD touchscreen show. Our analyze design uses the IPS FHD touchscreen show. We also examined the IPS FHD display in the center of recent year in the UX31A as well as discovered it to be very excellent.