Dell was a little delayed to the Ultrabook activity but it created a amazing entry with its unique XPS 13 thin, smooth and shouting top quality from every inches, the XPS 13 was a achievements, and was easily followed by the similarly-styled Dell XPS 14 and XPS 15. We are looking at the former to see how a conventional MacBook Pro-like Ultrabook with no touchscreen display screen choice in the performs yet? maintains up. What are you getting for around certain amounting cost? A magnificently designed piece of unibody aluminum with a 14-inch, 1,600 x 900 display secured by Gorilla cup, Primary i5 processor, devoted Nvidia design and TPM which gives the Dell XPS 14 business attraction.

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The platform design provides 4GB of RAM and a 500GB multiple disk generate, or you can opt for the edition and get 8GB of RAM along with a huge 512GB SSD, plus optionally available special high speed internet. Those are some fairly luscious specifications so let us see if the Dell XPS 14 has the system to go along with them. When it comes to style the Dell XPS 14 is not just a bigger edition of its 13-inch brother. It forgoes the declining thinness of its forerunner and instead chooses a more MacBook Pro-like style that indicates it preserves the same 20.7mm width throughout. Thoughts you, it is certainly no less eye catching for it but it does improve the impact of weightiness and, at just over 2kg, that is the last thing the Dell XPS 14 needs.

Essentially though, if you like the edgy, simple style of the mature MacBook Benefits, you will be satisfied with this Dell XPS 14. Even the regular LED signs are combined into only one, magnificently incorporated remove at the laptop’s front side. Only on the within and base do things steer away considerably, as these are dark soft touch nasty, while the bezel free display activities a shiny dark frame. The smooth key pad encompass creates relaxing your hands while writing a satisfaction. On the Dell XPS 14’s platform, meanwhile, there happens to be further dense piece of rubberized that gives this Ultrabook a fantastic hold even on steep, slick areas. Seriously, we’ve never experienced a laptop that sensed as protected on our lap as this one, and compliment Dell for venturing to be different and increasing operate over type to this level on a developer laptop.