We do not all have good deal of cash losing gaps in our pouches, and unfortunately that means we cannot all manage MacBook Airs or top-end Ultrabooks like the New samsung Sequence 9 900X3B. However, New Samsung still has a very fashionable providing for those after a more cost-effective 13-inch ultraportable, its AMD based Sequence 5 535U3C.

The New Samsung Sequence 5 535U3C-A01 certainly does not look like a inexpensive laptop. It activities a charming applied steel framework and a he display, while on its inside we have some reasonable specifications along with a 2.1GHz AMD A6 processor, 6GB of RAM as well as a 500GB disk generate.

While not quite as amazing as its Sequence 9 notebooks, it must be said that Samsung’s Sequence 5 535U3C need not be embarrassed to be seen amongst competitors charging twice as much. At just 17.6mm slim at its thickest point and with a weight of just over 1.5kg, this is a extremely slim and light ‘budget’ ultra portable made to look slimmer still by its carefully declining sides.

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Its components also look the part with a applied aluminum lid and fiber glass re-enforced platform. Finger prints are not really a problem, though oil represents can be noticeable from certain perspectives. Generally, with regards to appearance the Sequence 5 535U3C stocks a lot of its DNA with the Sequence 7 Chronos as well as that is no bad thing.

Build quality is simultaneously excellent. Normally it cannot go with the strong pieces of aluminum that make up the Air and Sequence 9, but there is no indication of undesirable creek or bend, sections are magnificently fixed, and it all seems very durable.

The only exemption is the depend, which did demonstration audibly on event with our example but still provided excellent activity. Connection is nice for a slim laptop. On the remaining you will find a slim GB Ethernet slot, a USB 3.0 slot, HDMI for video outcome, and a 3.5mm headphone or microphone slot. In addition, there's a hidden micro VGA slot which works with the involved adapter.