We are in the cycle of the Windows 8 trend as well as there are already all way of twisty, fordable, laptop cum tablet touchscreen display screen gadgets out there. The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13's courtesy is to opt for a single display that, while it looks like a more traditional laptop directly out of the box, is able to times the display 360 levels returning on itself to become a tablet like touchscreen display screen program. We were already stunned at the 11.6-inch Windows RT-only edition of the Yoga exercises from an visible perspective alone but mostly on account of the trimmed back OS, did not feel there was enough on offer for the money.

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The larger, 13.3-inch display edition analyzed here, on the other hand, is the more highly effective edition in the sequence as it comes complete with the full Windows 8 OS shebang. But with a cost tag a simple cent shy of certain amount is the Yoga exercises 13 too firm in its asking price? Let's forget about specifications for the moment, as there is certainly something to be said for the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13's style. A shiny, yet smooth orange coloured spend might sound like a bit of an eye sore, but this collapse laptop efficiently provides it off.

But it is not all about large. The construction not only looks excellent to the retinas, it also seamless comfort in the hands too. Such visible and responsive appearance have proved helpful for companies like Apple for a period of time, and without even a sign of trying to copy that organization's picture, Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13's handled to come up with something that strikes all the right control buttons here.

The unique function of the Yoga exercises is its display or, more perfectly, the way its display is easy to open. It is simple really- raise laptops computer display lid as you would with any similar program but then keep on forcing it returning so that the screen's position variations on to what was, at first, the platform of the product.