All Apple laptops alike, unlike Sony, not here every year trying to change the look line, and IT does not happen for years. Unibody casing appeared more than four years ago, are now that apple are not the same only used laptops in, and other products.

In one piece of metal enclosed filling notebook in the other - the display is very simple. It looks like MBP 13 retina sounded MB Air 13, and sounded in thickness. Dimensions are 1.9 x 9.21 x 31.04 cm, weight - 1.62 kg , the weight seems to be small, but to the device with carry them during the day pretty hard backpack pulls the shoulder.

Normal power supply, with an extension, Remember that has the power supply a recline bar to wind cable, you CAN Connect the Different forks, instead of forks easily fasten extension. Thought through every detail. Plug with a magnet and a light indicator of the connector is easy to pull out, and the notebook remains in place - for just such situations magsafe and needed. Well, the indicator light will help to understand what is being charged (Light orange), or charge over (the green).

The lid can be lifted with one hand, the main part of the case has a ledge, as IT always does, the upper part of the screen is covered with fingerprints. Just where is the lens facetime camera. It supports a resolution of 720p, if you want to make calls to people on the iPhone or iPad, which i did, as normal.

A few words about the headphone jack, rather, dual IT, you can connect here and microphone. I recall that one of the apple chips technology - this universalization, such as a headset EarPods paired with the MBP 13 retina will work the same as with the iPhone - you CAN start and stop Playback in iTunes, go from Track to Track, use the microphone in Skype or FaceTime. It seems to be a small thing, but none of the other manufacturers up to this Has not arrived.

Naturally, a great assembly of the laptop, and IT looks gorgeous. Aluminum here with a special coating. For example, i wore this in a laptop backpack next to other things, there are traces on the body, look sometimes intimidating. But IT is necessary not to be afraid of, We can take any glass cleaner, the miracle of microfiber cloth, and now you are holding a new laptop.

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By the way, so can you clean the entire laptop, only the keyboard is not worth splashing. And this is one advantage of aluminum more apple computers, even after use in a year, two, three, they May remain as new. Only the power supply cable from the white becomes gray, but shiny plastic buttons in places where you touch them the most.

At the bottom are four massive legs, laptop when standing on a table, slightly raised for better ventilation. Naturally, the body heats up, to work on IT and keep your lap sometimes hard. In this case, the laptop can not be considered noisy , apparently, engineers have spent a Lot of time trying to create a quiet and efficient cooling system that failed.

However, during the processing of video sound fans heard, but IT's still nothing compared to the number of models Sony or other companies.

That display is the main drug in this device, All the rest - only framing. People familiar with the retina for iPad (iPhone can still not Sit down), then certain familiar to see a picture. Image is bright, very accurate, rich, calligraphy, beauty icons like a thin cut knife.

Crazy angles. No 3D and can be compared to another in terms of retina evocation of emotions - there is no need glasses or even some nonsense. Look, use, get used to - and then not be able to use other Laptops. It's true.

Screen size - 13.3 inches, resolution - 2560 x 1600 pixels, in the circumstances, you can take a litter resolution: 1680 x 1050, 1440 x 900, 1024 x 640 pixels. Personally i am rather prosperous to operate with the maximum resolution, the other query that few sites do not appear identical interesting, the Picture blurred.

Afterwards the introduction of the first commercially laptop with apple retina's been a long time, and the app that appeared terrible, now updated. Popular games look good, i am talking about angry birds, but put here call of duty: black ops i do not recommended video card - but there is none here, by and large. If we slow YouTube sometimes when watching in full screen, nothing to say about the rest.

Backlit keyboard, 78 Keys or 79, depending on the Region, the backlight can be adjusted by yourself or entrust this case a light sensor. As always, the keyboard of this compact notebook only positive emotions is verified key travel, the usual location, caps lock with indicator, print texts - a pleasure.