With the advent of tablet netbook segment market began to experience hard times. turned out It that these wonderful compact laptops are not many used to work with the text, and video to a View, Post and Read. Of Course, All these activities easier to perform with a tablet.

In fact, come up with something radically new design netbooks difficult, the pattern in size and weight is already set, and all that is left to producers - to play with the materials and colors of the case.

The cover is made of glossy plastic. On IT from fingerprints and scratches, plus, It's easy to get dirty. Frankly, i do not quite understand the principle which guides developers from 3Q, because the company has a lot of models with classroom materials, such as tablet 3Q TS1010c or Media Player 3Q F370HW .

Surprisingly, and then ES1105N pleased. In the first place, of course, a full-HDMI port. Usually rarely it is installed in netbooks (the most that can be expected in the budget models - VGA-port), and if They Give, only in IT is the most expensive models. However, for HIS presence had to pay no third-USB port. By the way, built-in card reader is Also missing.

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Frankly, when i took this model to test its main advantage i thought it was the presence of SSD-Drive. Imagine My surprise when, after the opening of the netbook i saw him in a Matte screen. In our time of total domination of gloss see to such a gift is really nice. By the way, the company's website states That screen is glossy. Below - the answer to the question about the type of the screen from the official twitter 3Q.

Diagonal screen size 11.6 "- resolution 1366x768 pixels. Brightness slenderly deficient to its glistening competitors, but this is the only drawback, which is recompensed by a matte screen. When functioning with text in the middle or still the minimum brightness you view your story, not his own reflection.

This is a huge plus netbook. Also, the screen viewing angles are good, with a strong rejection of the image loses in brightness, but the daily work of such problem. way, not only the matte screen, but the frame around it.

ES1105N in your keyboard type Island. The key size and the distance between them comfortable for extended typing. The surface under the buttons glossy, but the Keys are matte, sO prints on them are left. The Power button is located in the upper right corner which, incidentally, the only glossy button.

It is important to remember that the keyboard on a netbook - It's always a compromise, this is largely due to the dimensions of the netbook Itself. Have to pay for compactness, this is not a problem ES1105N, but the entire segment of netbooks in general .

Each manufacturer of different size issues around. For example, in the 3Q minimize navigation arrows, and press enter although IT recently reduced even conventional wired Keyboards.

In my memory, this is the only netbook equipped with SSD-Drive, not a hard Drive. In My opinion, this is due to the fact that the company 3Q, among other things, has been selling hard drives and SSD, so it can afford the Luxury of a netbook without a strong price Increase.

The use of solid-state drives are the perfect effect on the speed of the system as a Whole, as well as noise - Can finally Say goodbye to the constant clicks of the hard drive can be heard clearly in a quiet environment.