The 1201HA is neat looking to say the least and it's finished in a pure glossy black. While glossy black finishes are a dime-a-dozen these days the 1201HA looks hot, but not as hot as the pure white version, at the expense of sounding colour prejudiced, which we are! And she's slim as well; ASUS has managed a very sleek look, with designeresque curves and edges. The display is also pretty good, and at 12.1-inches it's larger than typical netbooks and gloriously viewable. The screen resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels - not bad.

The thick bezel will bother some, but ASUS has given this one a segregated keypad that will catch your attention. It's a good looker but doesn't function as well - the keys are sligh tly smaller than we'd like, and although key spacing is fine, the whole setup feels a little unintuitive while typing. Larger keys next time ASUS is all we can say. Then there's the mushy feedback, and this completes the suspicion that ASUS was trying to achieve a Sony-like feel to their keypad, since Sony uses the same segregated design and soft keys. The track pad is reasonably accurate; but a royal pain. It has tiny dimples that immediately earn our distaste. They are abrasive to the fingerpads and very uncomfortable, and will bother the heck out of you, unless you're a manual labourer.

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