A beautiful netbook, one look at the two-tone cover will have you going "Oh my"! The glossy textured lid starts with a sinful black colour that subtly gives way to a smoky two-tone and while neither the colours nor the transition between them is in-your-face, it will draw appreciative glances. The body is skillfully contoured with the lid blending into the cut out of the body when closed. Build quality is very good - everything feels pretty solid. Even the activity and status LEDs exude quality. Opening it up, you're greeted by some of the largest keys we've seen on a netbook, and they're devoid of any beveling, which actually works pretty fine. Thanks to the greater surface area per key under your fingerpad, the keypad is a joy to use, despite the fact that it is cramped - a factor that cannot be helped given the tiny screen.

Typing away even longer mails and documents is actually something we got pretty accustomed to - something that didn't happen with any of the other netbooks. Initally the lack of beveling feels alien to the fingers, but after about an hour ones typing speed picks up. The display resolution isa paltry 1024 x 600, the de facto resolution for this size, butthe display has marginally better colour rendition than some of the other displays in this test. The track pad is larger than other netbooks, but the texturing is a tad uncomfortable, although nowhere near as abrasive as the ASUS' trackpad. Tracking accuracy is good. The mouse button is a single long strip that works well, but feels clicky.

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