The Explorer 240 is a much smaller unit, with a thin plastic armature going around the ear. The earpad is rubber with a slight protrusion that is meant to stick into your ear. The device looks nice, but the barrel itself houses the electronics which is why it isn't as thin as the Voyager Pro, but then the armature of the Voyager Pro is several times bulkier.

The earpiece on the Explorer 240 Wireless networking at home was never easier is not unanimously comfort¬able, some found it easy and rather comfortable on their ears, and some of us hated it, it hurt the outer car and we just couldn't bear to wear it. For some, the fit wasn't snug too. Therefore, at the outset, it's one of those devices you'll need to try, whether your ears can bear itor not.

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The Explorer 240 is also a decent performer, and call clarity is good. It has the same range as the Voyager Pro, although the when outdoors the Voyager Pro controls external noises better. The Explorer 240 will not isolate ambient sounds, like a car honking in the vicinity - it does reduce the sharpness and intrusion quotient of such noises, but the Voyager Pro comes closer to muting them. it's a good deal, but we'd rather spend more and get the much better Voyager Pro.