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    the company has come up with a variety of affordable headphones for several consumer lines. For instance, MetroFi, SuperFi and the TripleFi earphones have managed to gain immense popularity among mainstream listeners. Known mostly for the custom fit in-ear monitors, Ultimate Ears has been a familiar name to musicians and other audio professionals worldwide for almost a decade. We reviewed the TripleFi 10, a top-of-theline product unveiled by Ultimate Ears (UE) in the consumer segment. another, but also about the ease*of-use while you carry it. In the case of TripleFi 10, the small box that comes with it makes it super convenient. Even if you decide to put the earphones in your pant pocket, you don't have to worry about the wire getting entangled since the stiff ends of the wire make it very easy to untangle it, and so you can immediately use it.

    Since the earbuds of T ripleFi 10 seem huge, you're bound to think that they wouldn't fit comfortably in your ears, and it's true to a certain extent. However, there is nothing to worry about as there are different ear fittings provided with the box, so you can find the best fit that suits your ears. Also, with the stiff cables, you can try to make a loop around your ears so that the earbuds fit you better. After all, a comfortable fit is the most important parameter while going for an earphone. If there is no proper fit, then there is no bass reinforcement, as a result, the earphones will sound incomplete with the mids and the highs taking all the attention.

    Assuming that you will get the right fit (as we did), the TripleFi 10 will certainly impress you. The three drivers inside each earbud produces clean, crisp and powerful sound, in turn, making them highly sensitive and efficient. With a commendable dynamic range and a finely balanced frequency response, you can easily differentiate between the softest and the loudest sound. We also tried the earphones in different working environments such as in our quiet studio. The earphones are capable of isolating all the noise, even the sound of heavy vehicles, to a large extent.

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    The TripleFi 10 is a stylish set of earphones, and each earbud boasts of a fresh and vibrant blue colour (UE calls it the gun-metal blue). Also, the earbuds are huge, in fact they are the biggest earbuds that we have seen here at A V MAX. We will certainly find out if they match up in our performance section, but before that there is one interesting feature of the cable that needs a special mention. The 48" long Y -cable is really thick and stiffens at the point where it joins the earbuds. This helps a great deal to manage the cable and the earbuds, a boon for those (a lot of us included) who simply dump the earphones in their bags after use because now untangling them is made easy. Also, the TripleFi 10 co"mes with an extension cable and a tiny box to keep the earphones. The earphones also come with an array of ear-fittings (small, medium and large). The small-ear fittings have double flaps for comfortable usage.

    While considering the price that it comes at, many would want to know the unique qualities of these UE earphones. The answer lies in its design. Each of these small earbuds houses three different drivers, just like in a conventional three-way speaker-the low, mid and high sound frequencies are separated and directed to three individual speaker drivers. It also incorporates audio filters that shape the sound for an e~erience that comes close to the speakers of personal monitors. With enough ingredients to make it sound great, the TripleFi 10 is certainly a product to own.

    The UE TripleFi 10 impressed us. They are huge and heavy when compared to most earphones available in the market. But that doesn't hamper its portability, in fact, it only adds on to its durability. In terms of sound, they are one of the best when it come to resolution, power and entertainment.
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