Now this may not be true for all phones. but it's a fact that the earphones bundled with most cell phones, even high-end ones, are crap - hardly suited for an immersive music experience. And if you're looking to replace yours. have a ook at this wicked pair. The Tour is a set of wired headphones that comes with an inline mic. letting you enJoy the music on your phone as well as handle calls Available in various hues. our pair was a funky electric blue, with a rust*coloured wheel pattern on the cups, and graffiti on the headband. A little too Jazzy for us, but hey, you might just like it. The build is also a bit plasticky, but that's just a niggle if you consider the pricing. The headband is adjustable and is hinged in the middle for folding.

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It's padded on the underside, while the earcups are covered in faux leather for comfy wearing. The cups don't cover the ears fully though, making the sound leak outside and reducing the comfort factor. The four foot cable has a 35mm jack so you can use it with any mobile phone that comes with this orifice. Sound quality isn't bad at all. especially the bass which is quite punchy. The 40mm drivers make for some enjoyable listening. The mic is of good quality as well, and has a button for handling calls. If you like the design and are looking for an affordable replacement for stock buds, this is worth a look.