Sony Ericsson declared today therelease of its MS500 outdoor Bluetooth speaker, which has beenplanned to proffer consumers both exceptional sound quality and acool plan that would be capable to impress. The novel MS500 speakeris declared to arrive in two color schemes, namely orange and black,as well as white and pink.

According to the company, the novelspeaker is meant to be a great accessory for users no matter themusic fashion they enjoy. The device is thus small that it suits inthe palm of the hand, though even being light plenty to let users tocarry it with them wherever and whenever they need. The novel MS500speaker has been planned for apply in the outdoor environment, thusit boasts a durable splash-proof shell, as well as a handy strap thatlets users join it to a bag, or carry it hanging from the wrist.

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The Bluetooth technology enables peopleto apply their mobile phone like a remote controller for the speaker,letting them to alter tracks and enhance or decrease the volume ofthe device though eliminating the require to move around to do so.The speaker can be linked to any handset inside a 10-meter scope thusthat favorite songs are played loud and clear. The Outdoor WirelessSpeaker MS500, says the company, supplies compatibility with mostBluetooth phones from Sony Ericsson and can even be applied onhandsets from other brands.

If I had to describe the MS500speaker in three words, I would apply the following; fun, compact andfreedom. The word freedom has several meanings, like it refers to thespeaker’s lightweight, small, splash proof shell, which enables youto bring it with you everywhere and anyplace. No cables let freedomof movement and a handy strap enables you to hang it from the wristor attach it to clothing, so you have the ability to stylishlyaccessories your life with music,” stated Leonardo Salzedo, thedesigner of the MS500 Wireless Outdoor Speaker.