Like red jeans or a mankini, wearing aBluetooth headset is a hard feel to pull off without arriving acrosslike a total berk. Though the plan of the Jabra Extreme2 is not goingto create wearing a Bluetooth headset any more fashionable it atleast does promise to be light and comfortable to wear, though evenassisting to cut down with background noise during calls thanks toits apply of Jabra's latest Noise Blackout technology.

Interms of feels the Extreme2 is fairly similar to any number ofBluetooth headsets with the market. It is a mono headset, thus thereis a single earpiece joined to a short boom. The headset is kept inplace with your lughole by a plastic earhook that clips about thestub of the earpiece.

The boom is pretty short, measuring atad below 5cm in length, and with the outside there is a sort ofstepped, arrow pattern etched into the plastic, which does not gothus far like create it feel fashionable, but does assist the plan toseem a little less boring.

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There are only three buttons suppliedfor control. There is a large button on a chrome paint job toward therear of the boom that takes care of most of the call managing duties.On the top you will detect the volume rocker switch, although thebottom has a sliding power switch. The micro USB adaptor that isapplied for charging the headset, as well as downloading softwareupdates, is placed at the back.

Jabra have a second, larger earhook inthe box, which may be a bit more comfy if Big Ears is a nearrelative. There are even two additional ear gels for left and righthanded customers. The orientation is vital because these ear gels,dis-similar the standard one, have small rubber hooks that jam towardthe rear of the inner segment of your ear to hold the headset inplace. This lets you to apply the Extreme2 without an above-the-earhook, while we have seldom detected this method to be likesecure.

Comfort levels on both the ear hook and ear gels wasextreme nice, thus also if you tend to wear your headset for manyhours at a time - say with longer car journeys you should nothave a trouble with it.

Even in the box you will detect astandard wall power adaptor for charging the headset. Still, thecable with this is ridiculously short, measuring just 27cm in length,thus you can not actually sit the headset with a desk though you arecharging it. Rather it just hangs down from the charger when it isplugged into a normal height wall socket.

Thankfully Jabra supplies a car chargerthat really has two USB ports, thus you can apply it to chargeanother device although even topping up the Extreme2. There is amicro to normal sized USB adaptor to suit the headset into thischarger or for when you need to charge it from a PC's USB port. Thishas a pivoting section in the middle, thus also if there is limitedroom about your car's power plug you should however be able to angleit in place.