The Jabra WAVE is the Bluetooth headsetthat might be your savior with a windy day, or that is what itsproducer is assuring us. The headset's main selling point is itsability to work exclude considerable in windy environments thanks tothe shape of its boom microphone and the DSP algorithms that itincorporates. That will become apparent at the end of our review.Now, allows begin by bringing a closer feel at the unit itself.

The crescent-shaped Jabra WAVE has beenplanned to remain nearly hidden behind your ear though a boommicrophone broadens forward towards the user's mouth. We do agreethat the headset is comparatively big when compared to other models,but in actuality, that is not that much of a drawback because theWAVE feels much lighter as compared to one would exclude.

At 0.46 ounces or 13 grams, it may beheavier as compared to many other headsets out there, but thanks toexact weight distribution and a wise choice of materials, the WAVEdoes not put a strain with your ear. Unluckily, we can not rather saythat you will stop remarking it completely. The headset can be feltat most times because of the large contact area on your ear.

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The Jabra WAVE's plastic body has asoft touch complete added to it, and the slope, which is supposed tofirmly hug your ear, has been rubberized in order to supply a tightgrip. These rubberized areas may be prone to gathering dirt and dust,but thanks to that extra bit of friction that they supply, theheadset would barely move no matter how much you turn and twist.

Still, the wobbly earphone, which issupposed to lay with top of your ear canal, easily seems as it isgoing to arrive off any instant. Fortunately, the second eargel thathas been have in the set has a longer tip and feels a bit more comfy.Once you acquire applied to the headset, you should have no troubleswearing it for long periods of time.

On top of the Jabra WAVE we find adevoted on/off switch, which is something that we do not acquire toacquire rather frequent with Bluetooth headsets. Right below it is amicro USB port that is applied for charging the internal battery, butits cover is thus flimsy that it falls off by itself most of thetime.

We are even treated to a considerableexposed 2-button volume rocker and a couple of LED lights that pointthe device's battery level and status. Thus how do you answer callsyou might ask. Considerable, something that we were rather happy todetect is that the boom microphone even has a button with its tip –pressing it picks up and hangs up calls. We can gladly say thatdetecting the button on your finger could not be any simpler.