One of the most distinct devices to belaunched by Verizon thus far this year is the LG Versa. This isprimarily because of it being a touchscreen phone that as well takesdetachable modules. The first, which arrives contained with theVersa, is a clamshell QWERTY keyboard attachment that even acts likea case for the phone. Other modules have been rumored, such likestereo speakers and Wi-Fi, but presently the just other one to belaunched is a game control pad.

Linking the game pad to the LG Versa isdone in identical fashion like the keyboard, but it does not afford anice “click” sound to experience that it is completely joined. Wehad to attempt it a some times, like it did not seem securely linkedto the phone. We detected that pushing with it harder locks it intoplace.

Once it is joined, the including all thickness of theVersa is 0.80”, which creates it somewhat thicker as compared towhen usage of keyboard. The slopes and rear are completed on the sameespresso brown soft touch paint that is applied with the batterycover. We even as the fact there is a cut out for the Versa’scamera and flash, but the flash is blockaded if the game pad is slidopen.

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Sliding it open is simple sufficiency,but you can hear the plastic parts rubbing next to each other.Located with the left slope is an 8-way d-pad for up, down, left,right, and diagonal movement, on a begin and choose button in themiddle, and function buttons with the right. Most gamers are familiarwith layout, but we were not capable to detect any usage for thefunction buttons throughout testing. The internal game pad itself isa nice metallic blue on white lettering.

The screen displays anovel “Game” home display, where you can plus links for up to 5games that you have downloaded, but you can not drag them about thescreen as you can on the “Shortcuts” home display.

We applied the control pad with threegames: Pac-Man, Monopoly, and Need for Speed. It worked considerablyon Pac-Man, like you can alter the alternatives betweenaccelerometer (default), swipe, and d-pad . The response was good,and we could move about the board and eat up points. We deteced thismethod simpler as compared to applying the accelerometer.

Nextwe attempted it on Monopoly, but detected the controller was notnecessary for game apply. You have to shake the phone to roll thedice, and pressing with the display to purchase a property is not aninconvenience.

Previously, we attempted Need for SpeedUndercover. We detected that this game is more accurate and worksbetter with the accelerometer acting like the steering wheel, insteadof pressing the buttons with the control pad.

For the price, the Game Controller isnot a bad investment for the hard core gamer that enjoys to playgames with the Versa, but you have to hold in mind that although fewtitles work considerably on it, other do not. A some improvements wewould enjoy it to watch is an LED backlight for apply although indark environments, and the possibility of applying the game d-pad inconjunction on the HTML Browser for navigation and selecting links.