Wisepilot is a sat nav app that varies from most of its opponents in that it operates on a variety of gadgets from lowly S40 Htc mobile phones through to Windows Cellphone promotions, Android operating system gadgets and iOS gadgets. We tried the Android operating system edition on an LG Optimus 4X HD.

Off the bat the Wisepilot app's interface is shiny and vibrant and the desltop is relatively organized with four main control buttons noticeable Discover, Most favorite, Show Map and More. Hit the Discover key and you can either type written text into the free form look for box at the top of the display or on the other hand choose from a list of choices below such as Locations, Person, Business Deal. One irritation is that it does not acknowledge publish requirements entered into the free form look for box. Instead, you always have to choose Deal with first and then get into the publish value that you want to get around to, which is complicated.

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However we did like the fact that the Locations selection provides a fairly extensive information source of Factors of Interest and even has a Journey Consultant accessibility so you can see scores for Resorts, Dining places and Vacationer Destinations close by.

The Wisepilot app uses Navteq charts for routing. Navteq is actually possessed by Htc so basically you are getting entry to the same applying information that Htc uses in its popular Maps program on Symbian and Windows Cellphone gadgets such as the Htc Lumia 900.

Naturally the software facilitates both 2D and 3D opinions. Tracks are proven clearly and the speech assistance is on the whole very good. The charts do look a little extra, as visual niceties are kept to a lowest but there are some useful inclusions in the way it provides routing hints to you. We particularly liked the road caution and junction opinions that give you a more specific look at where you should have your car placed when making a more complicated turn or getting out of or coming into a freeway.