Jabra now introduces the Jabra BT125 - busy with Bluetooth wireless headsets for mobile phones. Headset can be found on a conversation with you, and keep both hands free for any other need to for.The Jabra BT125 is the ideal accessory when multi-tasks is the order of the day. You can get to your job and do and take your phone calls without losing the use of one all-important hand! And when you're in the car, the city struggles with Toddler on your side, or even just make a cup of coffee or ironing your shirt - you can keep on talking without compromising safety.

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The Jabra BT125 so light and comfortable that you hardly notice you wear. And its design is so functional, you rarely ever have to touch your mobile phone. Moreover, it may be easier for couples and to work. Bluetooth compliance: Bluetooth 2.0 specifications., Supported profiles Bluetooth: Bluetooth headset and handsfree profiles. Range up to 10 meters. Paired devices Up to 8, one at a time. Time running conversation to 8 hours.Standby time to 170 hours. Charging time about 2 hours. Weight about 14g.Dimensions (without earhook) L51 mm x W24 mm x D21 mm.