A set of BlackBerry HS - 655 Bluetooth headset from Plantronics to turn off the headset communication.The secure, confidential call to a mobile phone to ensure that supports 128-bit encryption technology to provide advanced Is using. (DSP) technology to improve sound quality, digital signal processing to reduce background noise, ensuring your voice is clear, even in the face of loud noises will be sent. The design is sophisticated, discreet speakers and carrying horizontal pocket clip useful if your BlackBerry, or a shirt pocket for easy transport.Soft three of the size of the tip of the ear gel and carry your favorite Had been provided to the stability of the ear hooks are provided has been added.

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On the other hand, and headset in the case of each incoming call options, vibration, you can call to respond to voice-activated dialing and last number is supported. On the other hand, with a headset to talk freely, in the case of devices, BlackBerry accessories real "for the integration of the portfolio and ease.Designed, this advanced headset, BlackBerry to charge at the power plant You can have a BlackBerry or any of the 33-foot travel multitasking can walk around the charger, you can travel light, so a car charger and USB cable.