The melody of your choice between automatic, one-click switch between them and the important calls, wireless music and conversation with are sure to please. Listening to music during your call, you listen to music or whether to continue with the automatic phone alerts start listening to the story when you decide to call you. You still hear the music and plug in a headset, stereo sound more convenient to listen to music and easy conversation in the neck is easy to hang. In music, listen to the button, using the convenient quick answer or end calls to the headset on or off and keep communication lines open please.

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Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH - 103 to the characteristics of music and automatically switch the call. Only make it easier to manage multi-button.Support phone and voice dialing, the device and is encouraged. Durability and comfort in the soft neck strap can listen to earplugs. 150 hours in standby mode, the story of seven hours. The LED colors change in the situation, please note that.