Sophisticated and elegant, Bluetooth wireless connectivity and convenience H500. Ergonomichnymi ear hooks and a variety of combinations, the smart one headset can be worn on the ear. Create a very, wearing Motorola H500, easily and conveniently forget that it is! Nonetheless, you will not be fooled by its beauty - that make impressive start omnidirectional microphone and clearly can choose to vote. For a variety of Bluetooth 1.2 and 1.1 compatible ideal partner for the mobile phone Motorola H500 is not necessarily so in the style of communication is necessary accessories. Improved comfort and sound quality than its predecessor, offering, Motorola H500 is sleek, ergonomic design comfortable to wear for long periods of time, be able to provide superior sound quality expansion ear fit for print.

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Style and comfort, only a portion of the package a headset to eight hours of talks in standby or 30 hours on one charge, for all wireless connections much juice proud. If the office or going to manage the party, organized by Motorola H500 is ideal for multiple tasks. Have a few buttons easily, you can place or receive calls in the past one button, everything! The bright blue LED case light blue and other visual replica of the proposal, without interrupting the session will take place this is not your color, you can turn off the light.