Features of the Sennheiser RS 140, switchable compression / right-volume, high output level, the speech left a good understanding of the balance between the degree of control is available (for high-adjustable system and the closure of the Russian Federation , Circumaural, - Fi and TV use is included), the appropriate level of compensation for hearing loss, an automatic search results automatically, and self-memory feature automatic level control, transmitter and receiver.

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The signal is tuned to adjust for the intellectual, headphones, a very stylish design is lightweight and comfortable to wear, the range of 150 meters (RS 140 864 MHz) of more than 100 meters (926 MHz 140 The RS), easily charging: charging cradle for the headphones to simply hang up, the battery using nickel-metal hydride battery option may be a wall of sound signal (transmitter), to provide feedback to implement many features include open Time: approx. 23 hours.