Denon in the AH-NC732 noise canceling headphones, which feature Denon in the Acoustic Optimizer technology for the most natural and balanced tonal range, free from the cavity caused by color. Noise function cancel the ambient noise is reduced to 99% surprised that allows you to enjoy music in the air, by train or anywhere you want. Power from one battery AAA (readily available on-switch), Denon AH-NC732 provides up to 40 hours of noise cancel, and the headphones can be used without noise cancel as well. For relaxation, in a noisy environment, headphones can be worn only with the noise cancellation feature activated.

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Compact, lightweight folding design easily tucks on the supplied compact case, and Denon AH-NC732 headphones are equipped with two lengths of cable, along with dual airline adapter plug, and a standard "headphone adapter plug, as well as audio cables are iPhone / Touch compatible (adapter not required). peculiarity of 40-mm drive units with powerful neodymium magnets, providing a wide dynamic range and rich, expansive sound, recently developed an ear cushions combination of low repulsion urethane and high-protein skin contract, light design.