AH-D5000 was designed for music lovers who want to enjoy realistic sound in complete peace. Corps to use the shell is made of solid wood mahogany with an excellent sonic characteristics, which are rich with a wide, natural sound. Micro-fiber were used as a diaphragm so that it accurately reproduces the sound and delicate details of the effects that occur in concert halls. The size of micro-fiber is approximately 1 / 100, that the natural cellulose used in conventional diaphragms, and to this density, transmission rates increased. Acoustic Optimizer provides optimal acoustics by adjusting sound pressure balance in front of and behind the iris.

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This makes the sound more dynamic, provides clear bass, and maintains a balance in the low to mid-frequency bands. Cable is made of high purity 99,9% 7N stranded fiber cable and connector uses aluminum sheet and fabric, mesh jacket. High-quality cables of equal length for L / R channels are used to maintain optimum sound quality and productivity. Using light magnesium frame AH-D5000 listeners can enjoy audio bliss with maximum comfort during extended listening sessions. Specifications Type Dynamic disc type units, diameter 50 mm neodymium magnet, Input impedance 25 ohms, sensitivity, 106 dB / mW, the maximum input, 1800 MW.